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The Association of former pupils of Archbishop Tenisons School

            I am sure many of you will remember David (Doc) Ferguson who replied to Alan's email........           

Alan - I am so glad to be on the mailing list of the Old Tenisonians and to see the first names on the mailing list Alan English / Kelvin Moriarty / John Tyler / Brian Lester / and smithy where ever he is. Suppose he is locked up with Ronnie Byrne and Keith Harris etc etc.

Whenever I hear from you I personally wish I could make the trip from Northampton but just at this time of year I'm heavily involved in running as Chairman a 52 team Adult Sunday Football league called the 'Goals Northants Sunday Conference Football League' which over the last two seasons has networked a now national sponsorship deal with 'Goals' and has just started the continuing project in Merton! I sit on the Northamptonshire Football Association Council and am working closely on Discipline and Club Strategy in the county. I ran my club team for 12 years and Refereed for 16 however I've had the early bird stages of Parkinson's since 1998 but still am reasonably active by doing a local courier round delivering parcels and small packets locally - no time to retire!

In looking at a very old and battered cricket score book dated 1972 I recall I was the captain of the OTA 3rd X1 which played its first game against Midland Bank on the 31st May and lost by 74 runs! Our first win was against Old Thorntonians 2nds with Tyack scoring 52 Jo Judge 27 and myself 32. We skittled them out for 133 with Ronnie Byrne taking 7 for 56. As usual the score book carries a lot of names and performances but to me and Smithy the best was against the Polytechnic of the South Bank 3rd when we scored a massive 224 for 5 Smithy with 108 and myself 63 - we bowled them out for 113, not bad for a 3rd X1!! By the way Smithy had scored 104 the previous week out of 184 for 7 however we drew an honours even with Cheam Parish 3rds - but not bad performances these!! The book remains open constantly to remind me of some very happy cricket adventures!

Of course I was never a star player just a tryer both at football and cricket and fondly remember being awarded the S E Hinton award in 1975, the highest scorer in the single wickets tonking John Tyler for 42 in the 1976 competition and proudly being a winner of the 4th X1 London Old Boys Division 4 (S)also I think in 1976 or thereabouts with Alan English / Jack Hobbs / Brian Lester / Les Minnett / Bob Brown (skipper) amongst others!

Please send my best wishes to all and have a successful day1

David Ferguson

07932 140641