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The Association of former pupils of Archbishop Tenisons School

I have recently stumbled across your site, and although I never attended Kennington, as an evacuee in Reading I attended Tenisons from 1941 to 1945, the first three years I was in Soley Joel's thatched roof hunting lodge on his South Lake estate in Earley, Nr. Reading, which had been requisitioned for the purpose of housing the junior school evacuees. I started in Form 1c, and was in Hunter house [Blue], the other houses being Newton [Green], Hogarth [Brown] and Arnold [Red], the colours being on our cap peaks - do they still have them ? The Headmaster was Dr. Robinson, and his assistant Mr. Butler, two of the teachers were Mr Hipperson and Miss Kenyon-Stowe, and three of my friends were Colin Steere, Peter Blethyn, and John Denton .

In the last two years I joined the seniors, who were billeted on Reading Public School, but I have since had no contact with my classmates, because the school returned to London at the end of hostilities, and I could not rejoin them because I had nowhere to live there at the time, and as I was only in my fifth year, so I left school with no qualifications and went to work. This resulted later in some further education, which would have been more lengthy had it not been for the good grounding I'd had at Tenison's -despite my mediocre reports- but that's another story.

I did revisit South Lake some years ago, only to find it had been converted to a pub - 'The Thatchers' - on the edge of a large housing estate, and the landlord did not believe me when I told him it had once been a school! Talking to the locals I found no evidence that anyone knew we were ever there, but perhaps that's not surprising because then we were surrounded by woods patrolled by a bailiff with two Alsatians, and virtually no one visited except the caterers, and it was such a long time ago, I wonder if you have any members who remember?

Yours Aye Mick O'Regan CEng MIET, 35 Neville Road, Kingswood, Bristol BS15 1XX, Tel 0117 9609939, email mor3939@talktalk.net