Est 1878

The Association of former pupils of Archbishop Tenisons School


DRESS. School uniform consists of a blazer (black in the Vths and VIths regulation blue in junior and middle school) with school badge on the pocket, regulation grey trousers, white (or grey for first two years) shirt, grey or black socks (in the first forms, plain grey or grey with tops in school colours) black shoes of regulation pattern, grey pullover with V neck to leave the school tie exposed. All members of the school will wear school caps up to, and including, the fourth forms. The knitted tie will be worn by members of forms 1 and II and the silk tie by the remainder of the school. A blue gabardine raincoat is the official outerwear for members of the school up to and including the thirds. A dark blue duffle coat or overcoat in a dark colour is permitted for seniors if they wish, but no extreme styles whatever will be permitted. A lightweight plastic or nylon mackintosh in a dark colour is also permissible. (The regulation blazer can only be supplied through Messrs. Kinch and Lack.) ) When a parade is ordered, members of the A.T.C. will wear appropriate uniform with cap.

A.T.C. uniform will not be left at school. School uniform (which includes A.T.C. uniform when ordered) will be worn to and from home and school on all school days, and on school occasions such as visits, school matches, detentions, or whenever the school is being represented by an individual or group.

All clothing must be clearly marked with the owner's name.

(Cash's names or Chaplin’s adhesive labels with name and address are good for this purpose but a good marking ink is quite satisfactory.)

The wearing of rings or other jewellery is not permitted. Hair must be worn reasonably short and not in any eccentric or exaggerated style.

n.b. The aim of the above rules is to ensure smartness and a reasonable uniformity. The wearing of any exaggerated styles of clothing, e.g. shoes with very pointed toes, tight trousers, short jackets, will not be permitted.

ABSENCE. This can only be granted (except for sickness when absence is unavoidable) in cases of bereavement or where the parents have to take their annual holiday in term time. A note should then be brought beforehand to the Headmaster requesting leave of absence. If a boy is absent through sickness, the school should be informed if absence is likely to be longer than two days and the explanation must be accompanied by a medical certificate. When the absence is less than two days a note must be brought by the boy on his return.

PREPARATION. All boys are required to do preparation appropriate to their forms in length and matter. Times should be approximately as follows for

The average boy, Form I -2 preps of 30 minutes each, Form II 3 preps of 25 minutes each, Form,III -3 preps of 30 minutes each, Form IV -3 , preps of 35 minutes each, Forms V and VI -as required for examinations.

SMOKING. Smoking on the school premises (including pavilion and playing field) or at any time when wearing school uniform is strictly forbidden, and no boy may have cigarettes or other tobacco in his possession while on the school premises.

CYCLES. Cycles may only be brought with the permission of the Headmaster, and this permission may have to be withdrawn at any time if the space available for cycle storage becomes too congested. Written permission must be obtained from the Headmaster for any boy to bring a motor vehicle to school. This will only be granted in special circumstances. Bicycles should be secured with a suitable lock.

USE OF BUILDINGS No boys(except VIth form) are permitted to be inside the school

building before 8.50 a.m., except in bad weather when boys may proceed to form

rooms as they arrive. No boys, except the VIth, are to remain in the building

during break, and except when using the Dining Hall during the dinner hour unless

engaged on school business in the Library,

or at Choir practice etc. Members of the ‘0' level G.C.E. forms may work in Rooms 8,9 and 10, during the lunch time from 1 to 1.40 p.m. In bad weather all boys are allowed to read or work quietly in their form rooms.

SPECIAL NOTE. Any boy whose conduct, manners or appearance, are such as to bring discredit on the school will be regarded as having broken the school rules.